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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Crock Pot Apple Pie

Here is the recipe for crock pot apple pie. I made this with my class this past Friday and they loved it. In fact, I had several students licking their plates begging for more!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anyone want a stained couch?

So my sweet little boy wanted to snuggle last night after his bath. I am all for snuggling on the couch especially at night when we are all sleepy. Not too long after laying down though he began throwing up non-stop. Well...he had red kool-aid and oranges for dinner so you can guess what my couch looks like now. Any suggestions on how to get red kool-aid out of the couch?

David stayed home with him this morning until my Mom got back from her Dr. appointment. I hated the fact that I couldn't stay home with him. The whole unpaid maternity leave coming up is totally stressing me out though and if I don't HAVE to stay home I don't. I hate that fact, but with the way things are going right now, I need to get paid as much as possible.

In good news, Landon hasn't gotten sick since and I am chalking it up to just general kids throw up sometimes. I pray it isn't some nasty stomach bug that will come back and get me. When I get stomach bugs they usually last 3-4 days and are NASTY!

For baby news....we find out in 10 days what we are having! I cannot wait. Maybe then we can start looking at names. Names just aren't jumping out like they did with Landon. We have our list, but can't decide from there. I realized today that I have a little more than 5 months to go before this little one will be here! So hard to believe. This pregnancy is flying by. I am starting to feel kicks more often. The other day driving home the baby was kicking away. I told Landon and he said the baby needed time out.

Work is going good for me. I finally have an extra pair of hands for an hour a day and it has been a HUGE help. This has been a huge relief for me and I can focus in more on the students this way. We are in the wait and see mode with David. Who knows what the future of his job is, but we are all praying it turns out good. The economy right now just sucks and is totally stressing me out...not something I need while pregnant!

Suppose that is all for now. I have a "recipe" for apple pie I made with my students today that I will post later once I get the pictures loaded up. They loved it and it made my room smell heavenly by the afternoon.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just to Save a White Shirt!

How many of you eat like this...

Landon was wearing a white shirt the other night and was eating pizza rolls for the first time. I was so afraid he was going to drop something on his shirt that I begged him to take it off. He told me he would only if his Daddy would take his shirt off. Well...the above picture is the result. Oh the things we will do not to have to stain treat!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Never Knew This!

While I greatly appreciate Jeanna making me my wonderful blog banner, I just could not get it to work with the layouts and such and it was driving me NUTS! I then found this website... It is great! It has pre-made backgrounds that are oh so cute. Hopefully this will make me want to blog more.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Appointment Update!

Well, I had my 2 minute appointment with the OB today. The normal stick your finger, pee in a cup, take your blood pressure, and listen to the heartbeat. Nothing too exciting. I was told I could try Claritin for all of my problems. I shall try... My students are sweet though and keep asking when I will be done being sick or if I am okay when I cough.

The best news out of the appointment is that we go back October 6th for our big ultrasound! I cannot wait. We will find out then if we are having a he or a she! We will be able to see if Landon was right about his baby brother as well. I'll keep you guys updated.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Blech...That's Yucky!

Long time no post! :) Things have been crazy around here. Tomorrow is the last day of my Master's program so I have been busy getting things done for it. My class this year is throwing me for a loop as well. I have a full class of 15 students who all arrive with a challenge for the day. I am slowly finding time though. I feel terribly guilty that this little baby growing each day inside of me still has no name possibilities. Sure we have a list, but by this time with Landon we were interchanging the two name possibilities while talking about him. Not this time. I usually call the baby the little guy.

I have developed a nasty cold/sinus situation. Not fun when there isn't much you can take medicine wise. The pharmacist at CVS said nose spray and Tylenol were really my only options. I got my handy list from the OB and saw Sudafed on the list. I took my first pill around 6:30 tonight and the pressure is GONE! Thank GOD! I still have my cough and runny nose, but at least the nasty pressure is gone.

At dinner tonight I had my pre-natal vitamins and Tylenol laid out. Landon insisted he needed medicine. I went and got him two raisins and said that was his "medicine." He quickly ate them. We had chicken pot pie and in an effort to get him to eat something I pretended a pea was medicine for him. I placed it in his mouth and he quickly spit it out claiming it was "yucky." He then told us that that medicine wouldn't make him feel better. UGH! At least I tried. We are in constant battle to get this kid to eat what we make for dinner.

I sure hope to come on here and post more often now that class will be over after tomorrow. Maybe then we can decide on some names as well! :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quick Update!

Just a quick update to post a new belly picture! I am 14 weeks as of today!