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Thursday, August 7, 2008


You know it has been a while since you have blogged when you have to log in again. Good thing my password was saved, I would be afraid to have to try and figure it out. Not too much has been going on. To answer a previous question, my due date is March 5th. I know I said in my last post it hadn't changed, but I never said what it was. DUH! Sorry about that.

I start back to work next Wednesday. We have several work days before the kids come back. I got my roster yesterday and I have a full class of 15 students. A new school year means one thing...I got my hair cut. I rarely get my hair cut since it seems like such a hassle, but I always get it done right before starting the school year. Below is a picture. Please ignore my awful looking skin. Seems pregnancy hormones don't like my skin and make me break out!
This pregnancy so far has been pretty good. I am 10 weeks today. I go back to the Dr. Tuesday and hope to hear the heartbeat. I believe we heard Landon's around this time as well. I got brave this morning and took a belly shot. I am in the am I fat or am I pregnant stage. I started off with some fluff around the middle as well which doesn't help. I no longer fit in my fat pants though so have resorted to maternity pants when I leave the house. They look better and feel so much better. Here is my belly shot...and Landon's. Monkey see, monkey do!
Speaking of Landon, I am in awe of how he has grown over the summer. While he is still wearing diapers, he has become so verbal and imaginative. When in a good mood when he wakes up he greets us with a "Good Morning!" Just this morning he was chasing an invisible bug out of his room...he will turn anything into a train...and he still swears there is a bunny rabbit in my tummy. The other day he told me his ear was off. Still not sure what he meant because he told me he could still hear and it didn't hurt. Later David asked him about it. He reached up to his ear, turned his little fingers while making a clicking noise and said "on." Whatever it was, he fixed the problem.

I suppose that is all for now. I am going to enjoy my last two days at home with Landon. He starts daycare Monday and David has Monday and Tuesday off so I am sure we will find some fun things to do without Landon. It will be nice to spend time with just David for a while! I will try to post an update after my appointment on Tuesday.


Danielle said...

Congrats on things going well...

Funny what they say right... Aiden is always throwing stuff at me and I am like - hymmm ok. Good stuff!

Mommeee said...

Awww what cute tummy shots! HOw far along is Landon? hehe

Mom of TWO Princesses said...

I love the new hair cut! It looks so cute on you! Also loving the belly shots of both of you. ;o) Glad all is going well. Hope you get to hear the heartbeat, but don't panic if you don't. Sometimes it can't be heard until after 12 weeks.

Tasha said...

I broke out like a 16 year old girl when I was pregnant- BOTH times. Dontcha love that? Anyway....congratulations! Yay for belly pictures!

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