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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Landon's Birthday Party!

Yup, another post packed full of pictures. Landon had a blast at his party last night. I didn't get a lot of pictures, but the pictures I did get show his excitement. His big present was a John Deere Gator. My parents also got him a castle since he is in love with castles. By the time it was present time, it started to get dark, but I was able to get Landon's Gator in the flood lights so he could see it and jump right on it!
It was worth it getting it around back and in the light to see the reaction on Landon's face when he saw his Gator.
Thankfully, Landon hopped right on and took off!
The only problem we have right now is Landon hasn't grasped the concept of steering just yet. One of us needs to run alongside him and help him steer.
After getting out of the cold Landon went right in and started unwrapping his present from my parents. He is thrilled to have a huge castle of his own to play with.
To go along with the theme we got a John Deere cake for his birthday party.
He really tried hard blowing his cake out. Sorry to all of the party guests who got the extra "treat" of Landon spittle on their cake!

Remind Me Please!

Someone please remind me when time flew past me and Landon got so big! We took him yesterday for his 3 year pictures and it wasn't until then when I realized how big and grown up he had gotten. Honestly, where has the past 3 years gone? Landon did great with his pictures and followed directions so well when asked to do certain things. It was very hard picking out pictures since they were all so good! Here are some of my favorites:

Stay tuned for pictures from his John Deere birthday party! He had a blast and went straight to sleep afterwards! He was exhausted from all of the excitement.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Nursery and Shower Pictures

My Mom came over this afternoon and helped me get some of the nursery put together. I wanted it to look somewhat put together at this point. Little do most people know...the closet is packed full of stuff! Here is the tour:
Looking straight in the door:

Looking to the right with a total cheeser in the picture. You can also see all of my goodies from my shower in the right corner:Looking to the right again to the dresser and back out the door:
Our cool new glider with the bear Landon built for Jonas:
Close up of the crib and bedding:

Work threw me a shower this past Wednesday as well. Here are some pictures from it:
The yummy cake:
Some of the presents:
Opening presents (looking like a total fatty):

Baby Jonas is Growing!

Just a quick belly shot progression. I will post later with pictures from my shower and more!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our New Floor!

Our carpet in our living room depressed me every time I looked at it. It was a constant sore thumb unless I spent an entire day and close to $100 cleaning it. The bad thing was that the dirt seemed to come right back. I decided about a month or so ago to replace the carpet with hardwood floor. Guess what! It is complete. After a FULL weekend of David, my Dad, and David's Dad working it is done and looks GREAT!
We started Thursday with pulling up the carpet. Landon had a blast helping his Pop Pop (David's Dad):
Then the flooring had to be moved in for a day or two so it could get use to the climate in our house. This is what my living room looked like from Thursday afternoon until Saturday morning:
Here is the final product:
To say I am thrilled is an understatement. All I need now is an area rug to put in the space in front of the coffee table and we are ready to go!