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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lack of Intelligence?

I consider myself to be a fairly smart person. In a little over 4 weeks I will have my Master's degree. I teach children as well. Why is it though that I lack common sense when it comes to my child?

I am one of those parents who bribes their child through the grocery store with the promise of some sugary not good for you treat IF you stay in the cart and are good. Landon did those things on our regular shopping trip this past Friday. In the check-out line I saw a 3 Musketeer's Bar that looked so good. I figured we could split it in the car. Reward for me and Landon!

I believe that is where I went wrong. Maybe 5 minutes down the road Landon began fussing about his hands and face being dirty. I looked in the mirror and saw my child covered in chocolate. Not only were both of his hands covered in chocolate, his face from his chin to right above his nose was covered. I had two wipes in my purse and passed one back hoping that would pacify him until we got home shortly after.

Moral of the story time get something non-chocolate even if I think the chocolate looks better.


Anonymous said...

LoL I do that too, I never learn my lesson.

Tasha said...

Ha ha ha! It only gets worse! :P

Jill said...

You're not alone. Saylor used a Junior Mint as hand cream recently in her car seat. All over her hands, arms and face. It was lovely. Thankfully we were on our way home and no where important.

Thank GOD for wipes!!!

So glad you hear Baby's heartbeat! Love those dopplers!