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Monday, May 17, 2010


I have been wanting to post something about Haiti for a while but could never find the exact words I wanted to it goes!

Back in January, our lead pastor announced at church that we were pairing up with a ministry in Haiti, the Lashbrook Family Ministry, and that there would possibly be an opportunity for a mission trip sometime later in the year. I was interested immediately. I remember our pastor saying that by pairing with this ministry we would form relationships with these people and whenever we heard of natural disasters such as hurricanes heading that way, we would know WHO we were praying for. If only he knew...flash forward a week or so and the earthquake hit! I remember getting online and seeing pictures of the initial damage and crying for these people I have never met!

In the next couple of whirlwind weeks, our pastor and several other guys ended up taking 2 trips down to Haiti to assist in any way possible. From that point forward, my interest in going to Haiti grew. Many pictures were taken along with video footage and my heart just ached for these people who experienced their entire world getting turned upside down. I wanted to help! Not only did I want to send supplies and money I wanted to go more than ever.

Fast forward to now. I am going! In late July, I am going with a team of other Christians to Haiti for a week. After praying over the logistics of the trip (I do have two adorable little boys to think of and one not so little one as well) and praying that I was making the right decision, I made up my mind. Right now I am going with no expectations in place other than to watch God work.

Now, I have never traveled out of the country and have not flown in over 24 years so it will be a very interesting adventure that I am thrilled to take! We will be going to Port de Paix, which is around 150 miles or so north of Port au Prince. Right now the plan is to just go love on the orphans who live at the mission and help out any other way possible. I just ask that you pray for the people of Haiti and our team as we prepare over the next 2 months for this grand adventure. Of course, if you would like to contribute financially to our trip, feel free to contact me!