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Friday, July 11, 2008

An Update About Radomness

Wonder where I have been lately (probably not), but I am going to tell you anyway! Tuesday I had a training to re-certify myself so I can restrain students. While I didn't need this at all last year you never know. Good thing is that I will not be restraining students this year because of my expanding belly! YAY! I have Wednesday and Thursday were spent in a pine straw basketry class. Who ever knew you could make baskets out of pine straw! You can though and I now know how. I am excited to get my hands on more pine straw and make a bigger basket.
Above are my two pieces of work. They are a little rustic, but they are there! I plan to keep on practicing. If you would like to learn how to do this look here.

I have been taking Landon to the library all summer and we have finally read 45 books. He got a cool bug catcher, but even cooler this:
It's his "toota!" He is very proud of his tattoo and will gladly show it to anyone and everyone!

You might ask why not recipes lately...well because my dear friends I haven't cooked hardly anything at all. The thought of cooking makes me sick. We unfortunately have been eating out a lot. I hope to get back on track. I decided to take this coming week off from trying new recipes in hopes I can find some energy and the stomach to cook. Food itself doesn't make me sick because I am starving all the time, but the thought of mixing food makes me sick! Fun huh?

Speaking of eating, we were sitting in the living room the other night and I could have sworn I smelled scrambled eggs. Well you can guess what that lead up to...David cooking me eggs. Isn't he great? Shortly after I had a plate of scrambled eggs with a little bit of salt and pepper and cheese. YUM!

My 1st Dr. appointment is Tuesday. I am just so thankful to have made it this far. Every day that goes by is another day that I am still pregnant and another day closer to meeting this little baby. Landon is still telling me that I have a bunny rabbit in my tummy. Thank goodness I am having another c-section...the thought of rabbit ears coming out any other way is frightening!

Last, but no least...THANK YOU Amy for featuring me on your blog! Yay for Pay It Forward Friday!


oh amanda said...

I love random posts! That tattoo is the best! Lydia has a stuffed dog named tattoo. She is way into tattoos...I hope that's not foreshadowing!

Mom of TWO Princesses said...

Love those baskets! You did an awesome job. I remember making baskets in art, in highschool... a long, long time ago & it was one of my favorite things.

How sweet of David, making you eggs!

Yay for reading so many books! We haven't been to the library one time! :o( Something always comes up, totally stinks. :o(

Can't wait to hear how your Dr. appointment goes!

MommyWizdom said...

I've been remiss with our reading lately... And Daddy tends to read the same ol' books. Love the tattoo - what a great prize! We have to read 50 books - I think we're at 18 - argh!! :-)

1CrazyMama! said...

Great job on the basket! Soo cute! And the tattoo is great. WTG on reading that many books. Good luck at the dr. Let us know how it goes!