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Monday, August 2, 2010

Reflections of Haiti Part III

Day 3 in Haiti brought about some realization of needing to focus more on God.  We had power from 6 pm- 6 am thanks to a generator everyday.  I woke up this morning wanting to send out a quick e-mail to a family member.  Not paying attention to the time, the generator cut off before I was able to complete the e-mail and send it.  At first I was disappointed but then I quickly reminded myself that my family knew I was okay and what I had typed was insignificant compared to the fact that I was letting God's beauty of the Hatian people go on around me unnoticed. 

The biggest thing we did was clean Pastor Andy's house this day.  Cleaning a house in Haiti is not an easy process.  In order to clean the floor, we had the opportunity to use a handmade broom.  No vacuum was available, but we didn't seem to notice.  In order to mop and clean the bathroom, we had to go out and get buckets of water from the faucet located outside.  We were thankful for the breeze coming through the limited number of windows because that was our only ventilation since A/C is nonexistent in Haitian homes. 

The big thing I take away from this day is the fact that the children here have very little but make the best with what they do have.  Some of the boys have mastered the art of making kites out of trash.  I was amazed at how they could look all over the compound for materials and after a short period of time craft something that actually worked.  I took this situation and thought about how spoiled my own children are.  I am sure Landon would not be able to make a toy to play with if I gave him a pile of what looks like trash.  I am challenging myself as a parent to downsize the amount of "stuff" my children have and make them more appreciative of what they do have. 


oh amanda {impress your kids} said...

Awesome, Tracy. This same thing has been in my heart lately, too. Our kids are pampered---even when we try not to be! Amazing pictures! Thank you for sharing them!