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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reflections of Haiti Part II

Our 2nd day in Haiti was an awesome experience!  One of the big things we did this day was have a slumber party for the girls at the girls' home.  We had the experience of making brownies for all of the girls. 

That wasn't an easy feat considering the stove was gas and we weren't sure how it would cook.  We also had to go get the water to wash dishes with and make the brownies.  We are so fortunate in America to have running water that is safe for us to consume!  The slumber party went great.  We were able to paint fingernails and toenails. 

The girls also made tons of bracelets and necklaces with the beads we were able to bring. 

Even though it was incredibly hot inside the girl's house, it was a great way to interact and spend time with these girls.  Before bed, the younger girls sang and said prayers.  Even though I wasn't able to understand any of it, it was absolutely beautiful.  What an amazing reminder that people from all over the world with be in Heaven and it will be a great mix of the nations! 

Since Haiti is considered a tropical place, the water was long as you didn't look down.  Some of us had the opportunity to go swimming in the afternoon. 

The water in some spots was almost too hot to stand in.  This was a great opportunity to bond with some of the boys.

This day was also the day when we experienced several rain/thunderstorms.  After one rain storm, we were able to see an amazing double rainbow.  What a great reminder of God's promise! 

The sunset is absolutely amazing as well!  What a picture to capture God's work!


Tasha said...

Gorgeous pictures! What an amazing trip that must have been. (HUGS) to you!