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Saturday, August 16, 2008

We Heard The Heart Beat!!!

Woohoo! I didn't post about our last appointment because I was bummed. The Dr. tried to find the heart beat but only tried for like 30 seconds and then quit with no success. I told her I wouldn't freak out since I was still kind of early and I had seen and heard it by ultrasound several weeks ago. I got home and what did I start doing? Freaking out. David ordered a doppler that same day and it came yesterday. I was able to find the heart beat after searching for several minutes. Landon was listening and then the baby moved. I told Landon the baby moved and he said "Baby went to get a toy." Where does he come up with this stuff?

I was able to find the heart beat a little quicker after David came home. At that point Landon heard it and said "That's my baby brudder!" Hmmm...wonder if there is any truth to his statement? Unfortunately we have to wait until October to find that out. Is it October yet?

Landon is so funny to talk to. His imagination runs wild. Every morning I get him up I lay on his bed with him for a minute or two and tell him good morning and ask if he slept good, etc. I also ask him if he had any dreams. Well, this morning he told me yes. The conversation went like this:
Me: Landon, did you have any dreams last night?
Landon: Yes!
Me: What did you dream about?
Landon: Dark clouds.
Me: What were the dark clouds doing? (expecting to hear rain or something logical...)
Landon: The cows went to sleep (WHAT????)

So he either dreams weird dreams or he has a hard time telling me about them!

In other news, I have started back to work. Man am I tired! My classroom is almost set up. I have a lot to get done before Tuesday though when the kids come back. I will get it done though! We have meet the teacher Monday and I am anxious to meet some of my new students. I also plan on telling parents then that I am pregnant. Let's hope that all goes well!

Well, I am off to make a grocery list, eat breakfast, and hop in the shower!


Jodi said...

Yay for sweet reassurance! That sounds never gets old :) So sweet that landon's so excited!

Mom of TWO Princesses said...

Yay!! I know you feel a little better, I hope! To cute about Landon saying the baby went to get a toy, lol. He's got such a great imagination!

I hope meet the teacher goes well.