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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Parenting Means Responsibility!

Okay, I normally talk about the things going on in my life, etc but this is really driving me nuts! I have a student who takes medicine every morning and if he doesn't he is W-I-L-D! Anyway...there have been several times when he did not take his medicine in the morning for whatever reason and we either call his mother or his mother realizes it and we get permission to give it to him at school. Well...guess what! It happened again this morning. I had had it with him coming in interrupting the entire class of working students and decided to call his mom. I spoke with her and explained how it interrupts what I have to get done in the morning and his behavior disturbs the other students in the class. I then told her it was her responsibility to make sure her child gets his medicine every morning. She then turns it on to her mother blaming it on her for not giving this student his medicine since the grandmother drops him off at school. I cannot believe this! I finally explained to her that even if he is somewhere else, it is still her responsibility to be the parent and make sure her child gets his medicine he needs. Meanwhile he missed an hour of instruction because we had to wait for the medicine to kick in. UGH! Why do parents think they can be so wish washy with medicine and not care about it?


Mom of TWO Princesses said...

I hope she took your advice & you have no more interruptions!

Danielle said...

You Tracey, I don't know. But some parents just don't understand that they are the responsible one in the relationship.

Aiden is only in preschool, but I take his schooling and being involved pretty seriously. I thought that was the norm. Come to find out I am absolutely NOT the norm.

I found out the parents actually don't even show up for parent teacher confer. What??? Really? I know it is only preschool people but it is still your kid right??

So I feel for ya.

Bloggy Mama said...

Hi Tracey. I found you through Amanda and clicked over because I'm also a teacher. I'll probably come back, but I just wanted to say hi for now.