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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Happy 6 Year Anniversary!

Time sure does fly by! It is hard to believe that six years ago today I married my best friend! David and I have gone from a friendship formed in 10th grade accounting class to married with 2 boys! It is truly amazing what God has blessed us with. I sit here and think back over the years and wonder where the time went and how I got so lucky. We didn't start dating until 12th grade but during that time a lot changed. I went from not wanting a lot out of life to believing in God and myself. Before David I didn't have high expectations for my future but after meeting him, I decided to go to college and become something more. This coming September will make 11 years total that we have been together in some form and it is amazing the changes that have taken place! I just wanted to share some pictures from our special day. Sorry the quality is yucky, that's what you get for taking a picture of a picture though!
Our wedding program:
Me before the wedding:
David before the wedding:
Right after being announced as Mr. and Mrs. David Thackston:

Cutting the cake:
One of our many posed pictures:
On our way to spend a week with the mouse:


Nicole MacDonald said...

Congratulations :) May you have dozens and dozens more years of joy

Nikki said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Alex said...

Great Photos of wonderful memories
A babies gift