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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy Monday!

I honestly think I have the best of both worlds, for majority of the year I work full time with students who have special needs. I love these children and the challenges they bring each and every day. Then for a small part of the year, I get to become a stay at home mom to the best little boys in the world! Well, that small part of the year began today! I attended a short training this morning and am now home with my boys! I figured to add some excitement to my Mondays, I would start a new post called "Mommy Monday." This will basically be where I can unload some things that have happened from the week before that remind me I am a Mommy!

1. Landon always asks what today is. He asks if it is school day or church day. He doesn't really call Saturday anything. Well, today I had a different answer! I told him it was Mommy Day! It will be an odd transition for him to not go to daycare everyday for a while, but I look forward to teaching him some things this summer.

2. It hit me Friday afternoon when I was grocery shopping that that was the last time for a while that I would be grocery shopping by myself for a while. I usually go on the way home Friday afternoon before picking the boys up from daycare. That won't be happening this Friday! It will be the 3 of us heading to the store, hopefully bright and early in the morning before the majority of all of the other shoppers!

3. There is nothing better than hearing a random "I love you Momma" from Landon. I prefer being called Mommy however!

That's all for this Monday. I am sure after my first full week home with the boys, I will have plenty more to share next week!


Nicole MacDonald said...

Awww always appreciate the little things :)