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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where Are My Fat Pants?!?!

Someone help me here. I know it is bloating, but jeez! Give me a break. I had a meeting at work today and had to look decent and threw on one pair of capris....yeah that didn't work. I pulled out my fat capris and they fit! Uh Oh! I am currently living in elastic shorts while at home, but I can't wear them everywhere! We are going out of town this weekend and I am seriously thinking about wearing a pair of my smaller maternity shorts. I can still wear a normal shirt and I think they will look fine. No one has to know...

On a positive note, I have lost about 30 pounds since the time I got pregnant with Landon. I have also gone down a size or two. This might mean my maternity clothes are all too big. Darn huh? Guess that means I might have a lot of shopping to do! :)