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Friday, July 16, 2010


As I was leaving Wal-Mart today with the boys, I had a local radio station on and the DJ was thanking the listeners for making the choice to listen to them this morning.  He said "When you woke up this morning, you had many choices and I am glad you chose to spend some time with us."  While this was such a simple statement, it got me thinking.

We have so many choices in life.  Through the Bible study I have been doing for the past couple of weeks, we have been looking at the choices women have made in the Bible.  It makes me think about a very important choice that changed the way God intended the world to be.  When God created Adam and Eve, the one thing asked of them was to not eat the fruit...well we all know the story...Eve ate the fruit and had Adam do the same.  Such a simple choice that had so many consequences so many years later. 

Every time we make a choice in life, there is a consequence.  This is something I am trying to instill in Landon right now.  Even as adults, we are faced with different choices everyday.  While some are easy like choosing what to eat for breakfast, some are more complicated that will have huge consequences to those around us. 
So, I ask you, what choices have you made today and what consequences (good or bad) have you seen come of them?  Are these choices that have made you proud, or even more, choices that would make God smile?