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Monday, March 24, 2008

Landon's Easter through Pictures

Instead of blogging on and on about the day, I thought I would show you pictures from the day and add captions so you get a taste of the fun we had!
Here's what the Easter Bunny left Landon.
Umm....what do I do with that thing? I'm still sleepy!
Oooh, a little Magna Doodle! I love it!
A new movie with all of my favorite characters!
Underwear??? You mean the Easter Bunny wants me to use the big boy potty too?
Now we are talking!
I LOVE everything the Easter Bunny brought me!
Which color to use first?
I choose them all!
Oooh, look at that masterpiece!

I had to work on Friday and the daycare was closed so my mom kept Landon for me. Being the good Grammy that she is, she dyed Easter eggs with Landon. Here are a few shots of the fun they had:

We are going to the Columbia zoo today so I hope to have a lot of fun pictures to share from that later on.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I love the one that said he liked what the Easter bunny brought him! lol So cute! Did you have fun at the zoo?