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Saturday, March 15, 2008

The New Big Boy Bedroom!

Landon's furniture is here! We ordered his furniture back at the beginning of January and it has finally come in! He was thrilled about the fact that he had a new bed that was so much bigger. Here are some quick pictures.

We tried taking Landon to the Easter Egg Hunt, but it was canceled due to the impending rain. Well...we were at the park so we stayed and played for a while since it was warm and sunny at the time. Here is a picture of him drying the slide off for all of the other kids. His butt was soaked and covered in sand. Oh the joys of a boy! :) We hope to go to the Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow since it was moved to then. I'll post pictures if we get to go!


Anonymous said...

I love his room, Tracey!! We were trying to redo the girl's room, but we plan on moving to another place this summer, so we're putting it on hold.

Tasha said...

Very cool! How fun!