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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eviction Date!

I went to the Dr. yesterday for my lovely sugar tolerance test and a normal check-up. Things are looking great and I find out Monday if I passed or if I have to go on and take the 3-hour test. My next appointment is Dec. 29th where I will get another ultrasound to check and make sure the cyst is gone on Jonas' brain. I cannot wait to see the little guy again and get more good pictures. Maybe they will be nice and switch to 3d again for me! :)

The best part of the visit was I scheduled my c-section! Jonas will be born February 26th! Yay! This means my last day of work will be February 24th giving me a day to get blood work done and last minute things together and then off to have Jonas. It is hard to believe I have less than 12 weeks before the little guy gets here. Yikes! Better get a move on with his nursery which is STILL a storage room at the moment.


Mommeee said...

I can't wait!

AmyG said...

Hoping the sugar test is negative! Yay for the eviction date!