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Monday, December 1, 2008

Landon's "New" Bathroom

Well, I was getting tired of the bright green not jiving with the rest of our house so I decided to re-do Landon's bathroom. re-doing it really consisted of me buying a new shower curtain and picking out a paint color for my Mom to paint with. I did add my own personal touch to it though. This is the first time I have ever painted anything and I think it came out pretty good. Check out the pictures below.
Looking from the hallway into Landon's bathroom:
One monkey "peeking" out from the door:
Another monkey hanging on the tree branch coming out from behind the bath tub:


AmyG said...

Oh how cute! You painted the monkies? They came out great!

Danielle said...

That is adorable ...

Toney said...

VERY nice work! Love it!

Mommeee said...

Oh Tracey, I absolutely ADORE it! You did a fabulous job, girl!