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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Have You Seen My Feet?

They are starting to disappear when I look down. YIKES! I am growing straight out instead of to the sides like with Landon. Wonder what that could mean??? So far this week I have felt like I have gotten HUGE! Good news is that a couple of days after Thursday I will be half way done. It is hard to believe I have gotten so far.

Landon is now under the impression that he is getting a sister. Thursday is the big reveal day. I cannot wait to find out if he is right or not. I am slowly thinking it might be a girl since I am growing differently this time around. Thursday cannot get here fast enough though.

Below is a video of the volcano I built with my class last week. It turned out great and I am so happy they were able to experience this. Ignore my stupid voice on there. I didn't realize how goofy I sounded until I listened to this video.


AmyG said...

The volcano is really neat! I didn't think you sounded stupid. ;o) I can't belive you're 18 weeks already. Time is going fast.

Kacey said...

I remember doing a volcano like that! (You didn't sound goofy, BTW!)

Maybe you ARE having a girl! Can't wait to find out. YAY!