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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Our FUN Saturday

We had so much fun today. We started off the day by going to the zoo. We ended up not staying there too long since it was close to lunch time and Landon was ready to eat. After the zoo we had a picnic at the park. Here's Landon having a blast:After eating lunch, we went for a walk to Falls Park. David has never been so we decided to hike the 1.3 miles there. It was a nice walk and I was surprised Landon would get close to the water.
We then walked out onto the bridge over the falls and river. Landon wasn't thrilled about being that high up over the water.
Landon fell asleep in the car and we were able to get him into the house and he stayed asleep. He was a tired little boy.


Mom of TWO Princesses said...

Aww.... look at that little sleeping face! I love that picture of him sitting on the rocks.