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Sunday, May 4, 2008

50 Things All About Me! :)

Many of my blog friends have completed this post so I figured I would jump on the wagon and join them. I am sure this will be a saved post and will take several days to complete. Here we go:

1. My name is Tracey with an "e" and it drives me nuts when people omit it.
2. I am 25 years old and will turn 26 this November.
3. I had my first child when I was 23.
4. I so desperately want another child ASAP.
5. I recently experienced a miscarriage.
6. I never thought I would experience one.
7. I have also experienced a c-section and thought I would never do that either.
8. I am beginning to feel like a walking statistic.
9. My favorite color is pink and I try to wear something pink everyday.
10. I am afraid if I ever had a little girl that she would be covered in pink from the minute she was born and would probably end up hating it.
11. I married my high school sweetheart.
12. I met David in 10th grade but we didn't begin dating until 12th grade.
13. We dated throughout our senior year and then all through college.
14. We were engaged 21 months before we got married.
15. I graduated from college in December 2003 but David did not graduate until May 2004 and we waited until June 2004 to get married.
16. We built our current home and plan to live here forever.
17. We have added on to our house and might add on more later on in the future.
18. I graduated a semester early from college and began teaching at the school where I student taught.
19. I have a degree in special education and have never regretted obtaining that degree and certification.
20. I am currently getting my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction and plan to use this to enhance my teaching skills.
21. Once I have my Masters I am D-O-N-E with school.
22. I am a boring person because I am having a difficult time coming up with more things about me.
23. I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 fish, and 1 snail.
24. We purchased our first Chihuahua shortly after we got married.
25. We got our second Chihuahua as a stray who came with a puppy who died shortly after being born.
26. We adopted a cat when Landon was 9 months old.
27. We just got 2 fish and a snail yesterday for Landon's bedroom.
28. I am a TV junkie and have recently gotten sucked into watching Lost thanks to David.
29. We are members of Netflix and are currently getting Lost episodes to watch the first 3 episodes so we know what is going on and who everyone is.
30. I love houseplants and have a ton currently.
31. The idea of receiving another houseplant as a present or gift excites me and I am always checking out the houseplants section at stores to see what I may get next.
32. I could eat fast type food every day! Pizza, hamburgers, tacos, etc....bring it on!
33. We ate out so much last week that Landon now associates eating dinner with getting in the car and going somewhere to get something to eat!
34. I have cool new shades for my windows in my sunroom. I hope they help with the electric bill this summer!
35. We have little to no shade in our yard at all so our house gets HOT in the summer.
36. 9 times out of 10 I come home from work and put on my PJs.
37 . I am looking forward to the summer wearing elastic waist shorts and T-shirts and hanging around the house.
38. I am such a homebody!
39. I hate confrontation, but will stand up for things like my own child, my students, my husband, or anything else I believe strongly in.
40. I have strong opinions about education and people rarely see my side of things...they usually stem from working with special education though.
41. I really do not collect anything in particular. I hate knick knacks and have very few "things" around my house.
42. My house is not decorated so to say. I mainly have paint on the walls with a few pictures here and there.
43. My taste in music depends greatly on my mood, but I really like something with a strong bass and a good guitar.
44. David says I have a sexy husband....I tend to agree.
45. I hate crowds. They use to not bother me, but I cannot stand them now and rarely go places all by myself because of it.
46. I wear very little jewelry. It always have my wedding rings on and some kind of studs in my ears and that's about it.
47. You can usually tell how I am feeling depending on if I have my contacts in or my glasses on.
48. Wearing make-up isn't a thrill for me. I have no problem going out shopping without it, but almost always wear it to work because I think I would feel "unfinished" without it.
49. I wish I had the kind of hair that I washed and went with. There are days that I do this and you can totally tell.
50. I cannot believe I thought of so many things about myself!


Mommeee said...

So cool to learn so many new things about you!